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Office Furniture

Jeraisy Riyadh House furniture Portfolio includes tens of international companies working in different lines and levels of office furniture. It undertakes to provide a wide range of designs and styles from leading European, American and Asian companies, in addition to the national products from Jeraisy Factories.

office equipment

Jeraisy House specializes in many office technologies. And the leading supplier of digital technology, be it computers, communications and other technical solutions.

Riyadh House

Jeraisy Riyadh House was established about 57 years ago. It was one of the first dedicated companies in providing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with all its office automation requirements, and thus contributed in accelerating the development of the Saudi state and society infrastructure which was then witnessing deep and aspirant change that turned the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a developed country in a record time.

Riyadh House started with a few number of ambitious employees,and witnessed along its march many changes that made it today one of the leading active companies in providing Saudi Arabia with total equipping and furnishing solutions. With around two thousand employees, it is considered the biggest company in Jeraisy Group who has more than four thousand employees working in eleven companies and factories. Jeraisy Riyadh House Company has a sales team of one hundred and fifty salespersons working in 24 branches, supported by a team of more than 100 engineers, draftsmen, designers and sales support personnel. Jeraisy Riyadh House is giving exceptional importance to its after sales services. Its technical services team is made of 350 office systems servicing engineers and technicians, in addition to more than 120 furniture installation technicians and 500 laborers.

National Industry

Many furnishing projects rely on what Jeraisy Riyadh House produces in Jeraisy Furniture Factory which is regarded as the largest factory in the region which specializes in wooden works and a three time winner of the Ideal Factory Prize.

The factory provides a wide range of standard office furniture products. It undertakes to implement any furnishing projects which requires special designs that reflect the customer identity and offers ideal work environment. Steelcase Jeraisy Factory also provide the market and big projects needs for the workstations systems along with other metal furniture in cooperation with Steelcase International. The factory also invented Triad Products line which fulfills the needs of those looking for practical high quality and cost effective furniture.


Riyadh House Showrooms space of more than twenty five thousand square meters is divided among 24 showrooms all over the Kingdom.

Thanks to its logistic network which has three central warehouses with an area of more than 200,000 square meters and a transportation fleet of more than 170 long, medium and small vehicles. Jeraisy Riyadh House boasts its high capacity for supplying the market with all its requirements of office products ready for immediate delivery.


Jeraisy Riyadh House continuous quest is to provide the business community with total office solutions. A half century of expertise, has enabled it to create the richest and the most diverse portfolio of solutions and services in the following lines of business:

Imaging and Printing

Jeraisy Riyadh House specializes in many office technologies; the most important of it is imaging and printing. It provided the market with advanced imaging and printing solutions from its international partners such as Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, HP and Samsung. Jeraisy Riyadh House is the leading supplier of digital technology whether it is standalone or local or central wide network.

Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual solutions in Riyadh House include an integrated group of applications that provide the end user with an opportunity to make use of, and deal effectively with theatres, conference halls and TV over the net, smart classroom, telephone networks and other applications that meet different needs whether for organizations or individuals.

ICT Solutions

Jeraisy Riyadh House also provides a group of dedicated systems and solutions such as access control systems, identification and queuing systems, in addition to, POS systems and many other solutions that serve many sectors especially, the banking sector, the education sector, industrial sector, defense and security sectors in addition to the commercial and services sectors.

Office Furniture

Our furniture Portfolio includes many of the international companies working in the different lines and levels of office furniture. It undertakes to provide a wide range of designs and styles from leading European, American and Asian companies, in addition to the national products from Jeraisy Factories.

The wide selection of furniture products made Jeraisy Riyadh House the first destination for anyone looking for ideal work environment whether it is in the public sector organizations, the banking sector, oil sector or telecommunication sector. It also serve the education sector, the healthcare sector, transportation sector, along with the private sector and individuals.

Office Technology

Dealing in office automation and solutions dictates dealing with computers. Jeraisy Riyadh House includes in its products portfolio a range of the most important products from HP, Dell, Lenovo. They are available as desktops, laptops and servers and constitutes the main backbone for all technical solution and applications provided by Jeraisy Riyadh House for the Saudi business community.

Educational Furniture

Educational solutions are one of the most important solutions in which Jeraisy Riyadh House has specialized. It has made noticeable successes that have accompanied the Kingdom plan to develop the infra structure of education. Jeraisy Riyadh House has contributed in furnishing and equipping many of the university colleges,

administrative education buildings, laboratories and warehouses. Of its leading customers are the Ministry of High Education, Princess Nora University, King Abdulaziz University, Rajhi University, King Saud University and many other facilities.

In addition, Jeraisy Riyadh House commits itself to provide all other necessary services, starting with sale services and moving to delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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