Success Stories

The projects implemented by Jeraisy Riyadh House Has become the talk of clients who exchange success stories achieved by Riyadh House in implementing any total furnishing and equipping project. It has proved its uniqueness and ability to achieve successful implementation regardless of the nature of work, line of business, or place of implementation. More importantly, Jeraisy Riyadh House Has always proved its ability to complete any project within time frame and at mutually agreed upon specifications.

Al Jazeera Bank

Project: Furnishing of the Bank new head office building in Jeddah

The Challenge:
The customer expressed his intention to implement quality furnishing project with regard to design, models and space usage without affecting general appearance attraction. The bank administration stressed sticking to schedule for the opening of the new head office building after four months. Jeraisy Riyadh House is required to find practical solutions for 650 employees in addition to the senior administration, managers and supervisors offices, let alone the other facilities like meeting halls.

After studying all facets of the project, a decision has been made to adopt the Korean Fursys products as a base for the bank building furnishing project. A technical team has prepared professional drawings to help the customer have an exact visualization of the full details of the furnishing process which encouraged the customer to go for Jeraisy Riyadh House especially when he perceived the big difference in quality between the Korean company Fursys products and the competitor’s products. The warranty policies, premium service and the early delivery have the final word in placing the project with Jeraisy Riyadh House. Home​

Saudi Electricity Company

Project: Furnishing of the New Premises of the Saudi Electricity Company in Granada  Towers in Riyadh.

The Challenge:
To convince the Saudi Electricity Company with our high quality national factories products, and to make them adopt Jeraisy Steelcase products to be the main base for this project.

Our Projects Department has studied the project in detail and has come out with the right solution for how to best use the work space. The project has included 4000 work stations from our own factories, in addition to, four thousand meters of carpet tiles form Millikan of America. We have also provided a fine group of senior administration luxury and modern offices supremely and creatively manufactured by the Ora company of Italy.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabian Oil Company

The Challenge:
To convince Aramco to adopt local furnishing solutions by proving that the local product can compete with the imported one in quality, beauty of design, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

It is well known that Aramco complies with high quality international standards, and it is very strict in applying these standards regardless of whether the product is local or imported. As a result, the selection of Steelcase Jeraisy furniture is a certificate of testimony for our products from one of the leading International companies. 

Aramco new tower (MIDRA) is one of the most important furnishing projects of the company’s departments which are made of 13 floors building. It houses many of its departments and operations.

Noora University

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University is a public women’s university located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest women’s university in the world. 

The Challenge:
This is one of the biggest furnishing and equipping projects in the educational sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The major challenge is to implement special designs and to deliver big quantities of furniture and equipments in record time. The project has included the delivery of more than 4000 work station, podiums and electronic cabinets in addition to cafeteria equipments, curtains and chandeliers 


The implementation of this projects  requires employing of Riyadh House achievement record in big projects management , especially since the project has brought together many external sources in addition to manufacturing of office products in Jeraisy Group furniture factories.
The organization and professional projects management has played an important role  in facing this challenge and in finding practical and effective solutions, the outcome of which is to achieve new success to be added to Jeraisy Riyadh House list of achievements in im0lementing mega projects.